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    Kompasas skirtas sportininkams - orientacininkams, mėgstantiems tikslų bėgimą azimutu. Optimalus greitumo ir stabilumo derinys.

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    Gali būti su skirtingomis plokštėmis: 3C - klasikinis 3L, 3XL - kairiniai, skiriasi tik nykščio kampas plokštėje 3R, 3XR - dešininiai, skiriasi tik nykščio kampas plokštėje. The local magnetic field lines tilt as you approach a pole, flowing kompaso prekybos sistema vertical at either pole. To compensate for the natural tilt in the magnetic field Moscompass compasses have a balancing system with needles balanced for each magnetic zone, that results in fast needle settling times and excellent needle stability during running.

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    About Moscompass Moscompass was founded in and specializes in manufacture of high quality compasses for orienteering sports and tourism. Moscompass compasses work in extreme conditions, when quick and precise direction readings are of greatest importance.

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    Thanks to unique characteristics - speed of a needle setting and needle stability during running - the Moscompass is recognized all over the world among amateurs and professional orienteers. Parašyti įvertinimą.

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